To all my darling customers,
Yabi/mushiyi/mizi.w/kaka/char(2nd) is now available for pre-ordering, with a limited duration 5/18/2017 - 6/30/2017. Link:
There will be no other chances to order Yabi/mushiyi/mizi.w/kaka/char(2nd) after this pre-ordering duration. We will not sell Yabi/mushiyi/mizi.w/kaka/char(2nd) after this.
For the orders in February and March, I have mailed out a portion of them. If I have not mailed out your order up to today, I will give a free head as apologies gift (randomly picked, or possibly a new-released head). If you ordered in April and I have not mailed out yet, I will give a free mask as apologies gift.
we will send out all the parcels before JUN25 for the orders which placed before  MAY31 ,if you didnt receive the parcel ,pls contact with us ,thanks ^^

I would like to give sincere apologies to all my dearest friends who loved my dolls these years T__T I have been struggling with Depressions. I could not walk out of the shadows inside myself. I felt sudden upsets and sadness, and felt like held by white fog through out the days, and have to run away from the connections with outer world. Last winter while I made final decisions to say goodbye to this painful world, my dog stopped me, and I suddenly recognized that this is not the ending of my life that I wanted. I reached out for doctors and medicines, and wanted to change the track of my life. It has been proofed that my decision is correct, now I see the passions coming back to me as what I had in the past, and the white fog is going away. Though my current depression status is not very stable, but I am looking forward to a good future :) I want to start a new journey.